In the UK, animals such as the wolf, lynx and bear were wiped out many years ago.  This points to the Battle Between Humans and Animals.  But, are we winning?  

See how PETA is helping us to win the war by slaughtering tons of animals.  

Read The Truth About PETA.    Even The San Fran Chronicle weighs in.


 SQUIRREL attacks two in Perry County, KY.

June 15, 2005

Reporter Byron Crawford, Courier Journal - Louisville, KY.

A male fox squirrel attacked and bit a 10-year-old  Kaleb Ison - and then attacked and bit Kaleb’s father Kenzie.  Kaleb was riding his bike at the time, when the squirrel leaped from a tree  and gave chase.  The squirrel caught up with Kaleb and jumped on the bike.  Every time the squirrel fell or was knocked off the bike, the persistent attacker jumped back on.  Biting and scratching.  Leaving puncture wounds and lacerations. There are several reports that the squirrel has jumped on and bit several other people in the Owens Branch area of Perry County, KY over the past three weeks.  and they seem be be getting more and more frequent.


In the UK there are forms to fill out that will help stem the tide of the deer, fox and badger attacks on the highways.  This information is accumulated to establish if there is an orchestrated pattern to the attacks or if they are just random terrorist strikes.  In certain parts of the U. S. A. (Santa Cruz, CA) we are making it a crime to not document each animal you take out.


In China people are taking out their dogs and cats before the animals get them first.


  Jackalopes are becoming more and more vicious in their malevolence towards us.  There are several reports of Jackalope attacks and they seem be be getting more and more frequent.


  In addition to DEER, other critters are killing humans on the highway.


Animals in the collisions in which vehicle occupants were killed:

  Number of acidents: 2004 latest statistics:

Deer  113      Cattle  13      Horses  9      Dogs  9      Bear  1      Cat  1      Opossum  1     Monkey 1      Pig 1      Badgers 2


  Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were attacked by two bears that are obviously not fans of their work.  The bear reportedly likes the Tomb Raider movies but did not care for much of Mr. Pitt’s work.  See Report.


The MOSQUITO is the deadliest animal on the planet.  1 to 3 million murdered each year.