JULY 18, 1966: Bobby Fuller headed up the Bobby Fuller Four Band and on his way to becoming a major influence, but we have the same old story of a major blow against The Blues.  It was obvious to anyone watching that Bobby Fuller was on the cusp of stardom.  He had a couple of decent hits plus a smash hit with “I Fought The Law”.  His MURDER is surrounded by enough inconsistencies masquerading as a cover up to scream out to anyone listening that this is not what it seems to be.  If the Murder is blurred in a wash of deceit, then the whole affair may just as well be a fraud.  Yes my friends, even though the info and links below will lead you through the tale, be assured that it was the Blues that THEY were after, and they got their way by going after a bright young star on the verge of a breakthrough.  The least known fact of all this is that Bobby Fuller was in the process of disbanding the Bobby Fuller Four  and he was searching for new musicians to fill those rolls, but he was going to add band members that had a background in the Blues, in order to take his music more towards the real roots of Rock.

But what about the confusion that has steered everyone away from the Real Facts?

The reports include these misleading assertions:

Suicide.  No foul play found.  

But Bobby was beaten and had broken bones.

They said it was asphyxiation.

They said he drank gasoline.  But no ones dies from drinking             gasoline.  You can’t keep it down.

And besides, who remembers a case where someone killed himself       by DRINKING GASOLINE?

The car wasn’t there. Then it was.  How could he have driven the car if he had been dead for several hours before the car  reappeared.

The keys were in the ignition?  The keys were not to be found.?

The gas can found in the car was tossed out by investigators as not important enough to the investigation.  What?

No body (at least not a twenty-something rock and roll male) buys a new car and then goes into depression and drinks himself to death on gas.  Come on.

What about the huge insurance policy that Del-Fi had on Bobby?

Well, guess what?  Del-Fi records has another of its stars mysteriously die and become more valuable dead than alive.  This however is probably just a red herring unless they got to Bob Keane.  However the strange coincidences with another Linked Story becomes an interesting aside . . .  Bobby Fuller was recording Buddy Holly tunes.  And Cricket tunes even after Buddy was gone.  And what was that meeting at the Del-Fi offices that members of the band blew off?  Did somebody know something?  And who was that thug or thugs that continued to stalk members of the band even after they had taken care of Bobby?  Were they just making sure that no other members of the band would not continue as Blues Artists?



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