JULY 1969.   This story is the proof that there are people out there that do not want the mysteries to go away.  Brian Jones (Rolling Stones Lead Guitarist) dies in a swimming pool.  That fact is not disputed.  Whether he drowned on his own or had help is the issue that they have used to cloud the fact that Brian was murdered to silence the Blues.

The story goes like this:  The Rolling Stones were tremendously successful and they were about to go back to their original roots from their early days.  The Blues.  That could not be allowed.  Once the great number of Stone followers found the Blues, there would be no turning back.  Blues roots are just that.  Roots.  Rock is merely an offshoot from the Blues.  True, it is, or was, a potent one, but Blues lovers never fade away.  Plus who knows what new music genre would spring from the Blues once Rock was dead.  They could not chance it.  So something had to done.  The Rolling Stones were being pressed to stay away from Blues.  But they needed some leverage.    

Brian Jones was the target.  He had been known to be heavy into drugs and that would provide their cover for the murder.  So Brian was drowned in his pool, at home in Sussex.  Looks natural to them in their warped sense of things.

But wait!  They are not as smart as they think they are.  (That’s why we can beat them).  They did not know that Brain had already “left” the Stones.  They did not know that Brian was cleaning up, which is why alcohol and drugs were not found in his system in sufficient quantities to have caused him to drown.  Brian was also a very good swimmer, which they probably were unaware of.  They also did not count on a deathbed confession by the killer, and Brian’s girlfriend (who was there at the time) finally coming forward after 32 years of hiding in Europe.  All this some 30 years later.  But guess what?  The deathbed confession has been stolen and never published.  Witness reported being offered money to stay silent.  Anna Wohlin  (Brian’s girlfriend at the time)  has been made to just look like she’s going for the book deal money.

With this much proof the mystery could go away and the case could be solved.  But then we would turn our attention away from how he died  to why he died.  They don’t want that.  So the mystery continues.

There are over 50 books on Brian Jones out there.  Check out the links below or some of the books that will give you the details of the story.  It has been thoroughly investigated and swept under the rug.



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