1977 - August 16

Too many Elvis sightings and our extensive research leads us to believe that The King just simply pulled a Jim Morrison and disappeared before he and his family were terminated by the “Man”.  What could have caused Elvis, ever the family man, to give up his Blues -tainted Rock and Gospel, stage a drug overdose (the original plan was later changed to heart attack) and bail?  Saving his family.  The powers would have done anything in order to silence Elvis.  Forget the Michigan Burger King rumors.  Our research shows that Elvis is living in Indiana under an assumed name and address.  He has been clever because the best pix of Elvis postmortem is the shot through his screen door at Graceland.  Now you know why they went to so much trouble to keep Graceland, and why his grave marker is misspelled.  You don't believe that Elvis (or his estate) couldn't get his name right on the marker do you?  Duh.  


Lets look at his death.  What here looks very familiar to anyone following these conspiracies?


#1.  There are multiple versions of the cause of death.  Drug Overdose was the first report. The medical examiners declared it a heart attack.  Sam Phillips (30 year friend of Elvis) stated that it was kidney failure.  And - surprise - the autopsy records will not be in the public domain until 2027.  Big deal.  The New World Order will be in place by then so they will be destroyed or inconsequential anyway.  

#2.  He was found by girlfriend Ginger Alden.  They are always found by their girlfriends.  Jimi Hendrix was found by his girlfriend and we know what a mess that was.  Are girlfriends easier to control?  To get them to go along with the story?

#3.  Another clue to the mystery?  His empty casket was moved from the location in Forest Hills back to Graceland when they realized that without complete control of the casket, the truth would have been found out.  Plus, his will was changed a mere 5 months before his staged death.

#4.  Lots of sightings and rumors about where he is now.  Is he in a Witness protection program?  The FBI had files on him.  Did they want him out of the way?  Was ELVIS a DEA agent?  Or were yjey out to get him?  The DNA from Elvis does not match the impostered Elvis body.  Vernon (his Dad) gave a scripted interview hours after Elvis’ supposed death.  Insurance policy reportedly never cashed in.  The body that was buried as Elvis is said to have had 10 times a lethal dose of drugs in it.  Did the imposter body become available by accident, plan, luck or by force?  Was it even a real body?  Maybe a wax dummy.  Would that explain the rumor of an air conditioner used at or in his casket?

#5.  Could Elvis even come back?  Not likely.  Beside the fact that he would be instantly at the top of everyone’s hit list,  Lisa Marie sold an 85% share of of Elvis’s estate to Robert Sillerman and CKX Inc.  Elvis would never trade his peace and anonymity for the 15% that is left.



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