There is a movement to destroy the

Blues Music Industry. Beginning in the 20's, it picked up speed in the late 50's and 60’s after they realized that The Blues spawned Rock & Roll, and the potential of Rock to move the masses to rebellion of authority.


Way too many of our blues musicians have met unusual or unexplainable mysterious deaths?

                      Plane crash after plane crash.

                      Beyond probability.

                     Exposed, they may be slowed

                       or stopped.


The Blues is the original American Music form.  The Blues gave birth to Rock & Roll.  Rock fostered freedoms and rebellions among the people unachieved in our history since the Revolutionary War.  But why the Blues?  Because the Blues is the root, the acorn from which Rock & Roll sprang forth.  With Rock and Soul Music dead, we are left with Rap & Techno, which THEY control.  The Blues is the last form of musical expression owned by the people.


If we let them kill the Blues, there is nothing to prevent our ultimate demise against the tyranny of the New World Order.


Remember that anytime there are multiple stories and you feel that the facts just don’t seem to add up, you are always right to question the so-called facts.  Murder Mysteries are created to confuse and cover the real motives behind their actions, which is “Killing The Blues”.  And, ultimately, our will to resist.