Here we go again.  What could easily have been written off as an accident, or a suicide or a conspiracy murder is wrapped with so many differing statements that you just know there is a cover up afoot.  And it is to disguise the real reason behind the murder of Jimi Hendrix.  The Blues.  Jim was a huge Rock sensation.  With more time in his career, he would have been a major influence rivaling the “King”.  At the time of his death. Jimi was beginning to put together a brand new direction.  He would disband his previous band members and strike out on a radical new direction.  One where he could write, direct, conduct music that would revive his real roots.  The Blues.  And not just any little Blues band, Jimi wanted to put together a big Blues Band, and debute with a double album that he was advised against doing.

What was the cover up red herrings that were thrown out there?

There are stories of Jimi’s kidnapping (to try to get him off the Blues kick) and then his eventual rescue which puts the heroes in a better position to “talk some sense into him”.

Then there are the stories of someone with broken legs, and Buddy Cox (band member) having a nervous breakdown and saying he was a murder target himself?

Jimi spent hours at a pay phone. (Looking for protection, help or escape?)

Hendrix died in the ambulance.  He died at the hospital.  He died in the apartment. He died on his own vomit.  What about the Emergency Medical people in attendance?  Where they in on it?  Was he dead when they got there or was there a chance to save him?

Some say the paramedics did exactly the wrong things to save Jimi.

Rumors of a suicide note (never found) and a heavy consumption of pills, drugs and cannabis (not confirmed and no needle marks were found).

The only eyewitness to most of this is once again (think Glenn Miller Conspiracy)  was a Blonde German girl.

The FBI somehow is involved in this case.  

Within minutes of his death, his apartment was trashed.  What were they looking for?  Songs and arrangements stolen.  All his Blues music and lyrics for the upcoming album.  Was it the same people that stole his gravestone?  What is the message?  Was it the same people that murdered Devon Wilson, a Hendrix girlfriend?  Was it the same people that murdered Mike Jeffery - a Hendrix Manager??

Jimi was pure music - just look at the albums that were issued under his name after Jimi left us.  He would never have allowed most of that stuff to see the light of day.  It was planned to destroy his musical legacy - a lesson for anyone still following Jimi and for any others headed towards the Blues.  Play ball our way or else.

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