1997 August 31  

The Princess was just about to make history.  Her engagement and eventual marriage to Dodi Fayed would have started a music craze that would have turned the world upside down.  Very few people realized what a wonderful singing voice Diana had, and she had been convinced to enter the recording studio and begin work on an album of Blues music.  Dodi Fayed, with his background in movie and music production (he had been responsible for the movie “Chariots of Fire”) had studio time booked at Abbey Road Studios and choice studio musicians were all lined up.  This would have been something beyond belief from the standpoint of worldwide acceptance.  Diana’s popularity was unbelievable and we did not realize the extent of her influence until we saw the outpouring at her death.  It seems as if the whole world was grieving.  With Dodi’s Hollywood connections and Diana’s celebrity and vocal capabilities, she would have taken her Blues music beyond sales of anything ever published.  There is no point in discussing the details of her assassination here.  Much has been written and is available out there. It is suffice to just say that when a 3 mile trip to the hospital takes 4 hours, the patient’s survival is not the priority.


But wait.  Not sure that she was murdered?  Let’s look at the issues.


Mohamed al-Fayed (Dodi Fayed’s father) is convinced that Dodi and Diana were murdered by a plot hatched by British Intelligence and the CIA.  Want proof?  Well the CIA issued an official denial that they had anything to do with the event.  When was the last time the the CIA responded to any type of accusation or rumor?  Like never.   


Dodi and Diana had dinner in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Paris, which by the way Mohamed al-Fayed owned.  So they were safe there.  There were paparazzi and maybe a sniper lurking near the entrance of the hotel, so Diana and Dodi slipped out the back door into their Mercedes.  The only other people that knew they were exiting were Diana’s bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones and the Fayed family driver, Henri Paul.  Henri Paul had been at the bar pounding them down pretty good according to eye witnesses and also  the autopsy showed a huge amount of alcohol as well as drugs in his system.  Why was he drinking so hard when he was the Fayed family’s main driver, and most likely would have to take the couple somewhere later that night?  Did he know of a pending attack?  Or was he just trying to ward off some of the guilt he felt for having given up the couples’ route.  Mysteriously Henri Paul had made a large deposit into his bank account just days prior to the murder.  Hush money?  Or perhaps a payoff for the info needed to close the deal?  Was Paul drinking because he was suspicious that the murderers could not be trusted to not take him out also?

As they left the Hotel, supposedly some photographers gave chase.  Were those really photographers are the hit team, posing?  Remember the photogs were all  around in the front of the Hotel.  It could be possible that a lone hunch-player photographer was in the rear of the Hotel on the off chance that they would leave by the back, but not that many of them would have risked missing the big shot of Dodi and Diana exiting the Ritz-Carlton.  If they exited at all.  There were rumors that the couple would stay in the Hotel that night.  But then how would the hit men have known that they were not staying unless they were tipped off?


Conspiracy theories abound.  All are wrong, save the fact that Diana was headed to the Blues.

    One theory has Diana as some cult princess, with ancient Roman blood running in her veins.  Or the theory that Diana was of French Royalty descent.  For these reasons, she had to be eliminated.  It this were the case, she would never have been allowed to marry Charles in the first place.  Bogus.  And, if Diana is tainted in her bloodlines, then so would her children be.  One of which will most certainly be King someday.

    One theory is that Diana was to marry Dodi and the Monarchy would never stand for a Muslim connected to the Royal family.  Well, Diana was divorced from Charles and the only connection would have been through Diana children - William and Henry,  when and if one of them ascends to the throne, most likely Prince William.  And that could be many years away.  Mohamed would probably be dead by that time anyway and Dodi - well who knows.  And besides, if Dodi is your problem, then why take out Diana.  You have to know that killing Diana will cause you much more grief and scrutiny than just taking out Dodi. Doesn’t make sense.

   They go on and on, the theories.  The facts stay the same.  If you think that the paparazzi had anything to actually do with Diana’s death, then you’d be interested to know that the Paris Appeals Court does not.  Three photographers were fined $1.19 each for their role in the accident and distribution of the crash scene pictures.