January 5, 1998  

The masterminding of Cher’s music career and later their television show, proved that Sonny was a visionary, an extremely talented producer and a showman.  The rumor mill was all a buzz with the unconfirmed news that Sonny was about to make a comeback. A big comeback into the music world.  His political career had given him new respect, new contacts and new influence.  This time around Sonny was to produce a new album of Blues music with Cher, not too far from what Cher had done in the past.  Sonny had put together an all-star lineup of Blues musicians for the album and for the worldwide tour that he had already started to book. Sonny was to join up with Cher at specific locations to do a stand-up intro and to sing a little on one or two tunes.


Following the tour (Sonny had already put out feelers to two of the major networks) they would air an all new Sonny and Cher Variety television show, that would showcase Blues and Blues-Rock music, along with standup and sketch comedy.  This was going to be an all out assault on the Blues-end of the music spectrum.  A whole new generation would be exposed to Sonny and Cher, and Sonny was going to make sure that they were also exposed to the Blues.  This was much too large of a project to ever allow to let happen and so Sonny dies in a so-called skiing accident.  The cover story has a couple of flaws though, that keep it us from swallowing it.  Number one: Sonny was an accomplished, experienced  and avid skier.  And number two: who, except for Wile E. Coyote skis into a tree?  


Sonny’s carrerr covered many accomplishments:  Singer, songwriter, TV personality, Film/Screen Actor, Writer, Composer and Producer.  But at the end, Sonny had become a politician.  Palm Springs Mayor and then he was elected to the United States House of Representatives in 1994 to represent the 44th Congressional District of California.  His most famous accomplishment was the passing of he Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act of 1998.  Not everyone is happy about the legislation, but not enough to commit murder.  


In addition to his move back into the world of music, Sonny had begun to put together legislation that would bring down the hammer on illegal drugs.  Sonny became aware that there was a plot to get him when Cher’s drummer Bobby Chouinard ( Robert Gerard ) was taken out of the picture and was then listed as a heart attack.  Some say the Russian Mob hit him because of his stand against drugs.  This could be given validity when Mary Bono came out almost immediately and accused the dead Sonny of being a drug addict himself - saying that it was the drugs that actually killed him.  Was this her way of discrediting his legal attacks on the drug industry?  And maybe a way to save herself?  Or was she trying to tell everyone of his fans exactly what she thought had been the real cause of his death?  There is also a rumor that Sonny had been trying to leave the Scientology Cult, and no-one leaves Scientology, especially someone famous a s Sonny Bono.  All of these possibilities means that the real reason is being obscured.


Sonny was missing for several hours before he was found on that snowy slope. Anything could have been staged at the scene.  The one thing that we do know is that the official line is that an experienced skier skied right smack into a tree.  Straight out of a Roadrunner cartoon.  You’d think the story line would be more believable.  It is however creative.





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