LINKS INDEX PAGE  1929 to 1979

1929: Blind Lemon Jefferson

World Book Encyclopedia      Texas History

Rare Picture      Wikipedia      Blind Lemon Tribute


1937: Bessie Smith

Bessie Smith Red Hot Jazz     Empress Of Blues

Wikipedia    Huge Links Page    PBS Bio  

Remembering Bessie    Blues On Line

Women In History    Street Life


1938: Robert Johnson

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame      Delta Haze Page

Delta Blues      Down To The Crossroads     Links

Starkville High School      Crossroads Curse


1943: Fats Waller

PBS Bio      Wikipedia     VH1 Bio


1944: Glenn Miller

Glenn Miller Cover Up Story


1948: Sonny Boy Williamson

Sonny Bio      Wikipedia      Blues Bio


1953: Big Maceo

Blues Bio      Short Bio      African American Bio


1953: Carolina Slim

Blues Bio      UNC Bio


1953: Hank Williams

Official Website      Hanks Fan Club      Wikipedia

PBS Bio      Great American Country Bio

Museum WebsIte      Alabama Archives


1954: Edwin Howard Armstrong  

Wikipedia   Reminiscing  World Book Encyclopedia

IEEE Bio   Columbia University Bio

Suicide Theory Website   Suspicious Sarnoff Quote


1955: Vernon Isley

Wikipedia     Isley Brothers Booking Agency Site

Associated Entertainment Site

Disco Museum      TV Bio      MP3 Bio


1959: Buddy Holly,  Ritchie Valens,

          Big Bopper

The Day The Music Died Story


1960: Eddie Cochran

Eddie Cochram Site    MP3 Bio    Fan Shrine SIte

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame    Hot Shot Digital Bio

RockaBilly Hall of Fame    Freeborn County Museum

Conspiracy Rebuttal    Eddie Cochran Links


1960: Johnny Horton

RockaBilly Hall of Fame      Wikipedia

Fan WebSite      Fan Site Lots of Links


1962: Ronnie Smith

Poorboys Bio    Picture + Band Interview


1962: Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe Conspiracy Story


1963: Patsy Cline

Short Bio    Extensive Bio + Links

Fan Site + Links    Country Music Hall of Fame

Wikipedia      Patsy Cline Tribute


1963: Elmore James

Bkue Bio & Pictures      Delta Blues      Fan Site

Penguin Bio        Starkville High School


1963: Cowboy Copas

BCMA Org Bio    Cowboy Copas tribute

TCm Radio    Yahoo Music Bio


1963: Hawkshaw Hawkins

Hawkshaw Hawkins Tribute     AOL Music Bio     Bio

Hill Billy Music      Herald Dispatch Rememberance


1963: Dinah Washington

A Queen In Turmoil    Alabama Music Hall of Fame

Verve Artist      Wikipedia      Postage Stamp

The Queen      Britannica


1964: Jim Reeves

Official Site    Country Music Hall of Fame

CMT Site      Wikipedia      Fan Site + Links


1964: Johnny Burnette

Official WebSite      Burnette Family    Rock History Bio

RockaBilly Site      Wikipedia    Fan Site Song List


1964: Sam Cooke

Sam Cooke Murder Mystery


1965: Bill Black

RockaBilly Hall of Fame      Music      Blog

Paradime Records      Discography


1966: Bobby Fuller

Bobby Fuller Murder Mystery


1967: Otis Redding

Otis Redding.com    Bio      History of Rock Bio

Wikipedia      Soul Bio + Album List

Reviews       Discography      Influences


1967: Jimmy King

MP3 Bio     Bio     SoulWalking     BarKays Bio


1968: Frankie Lymon

Rock History    Wikipedia    Fan Site    Britannica


1969: Brian Jones

Brian Jones Cover Up


1970: Alan Wilson

Story Link to Woodstock


1970: Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix Mystery


1970: Janis Joplin

Official WebSite      Hot Shot Bio

Big Brother Site      Big Site      Autopsy


1971: Jim Morrison

The Doors      Legends      Hots Digital      BBC Story

Fan Site    FanSite 2      Death Cert & Grave     Sighting?

Rockmine Archives      Theories

Conspiracy      Flash News      Myths


1971: King Curtis

Tom Simon Site    Bio & Song List    Discography


1971: Gene Vincent

Rockabilly    Rock History    Fan Site     

The John Lennon Connection            Bio Book


1971: Duane Allman

Allman Brothers Band      Bio    The Music

Wikipedia      Fan Site      Links


1971: Devon Wilson

Story Link Jimi Hendrix


1972: Jimmy Rushing

Bio Site      Wikipedia     Another Cause of Death

Cascade Blues    African American Registry   


1972: Clyde McPhatter

Wikipedia   Extensive Discography   Tom Simon Bio


1972: Brian Cole

Wikipedia      Classic Band Bio

Vocal Hall Of Fame      Bio      Artists Facts


1972: Berry Oakley

Discography, reviews      GA History

Vintage Guitar      Allman History      The Curse


1973: Mike Jeffrey

Story Link Jimi Hendrix


1973: Jim Croce

Hots Digital      Wikipedia


1973:  JerryLeeLewisJr

Bio     Wikipedia


1973:  GramParsons

Homepage      Fan Site

Mysterious Death      Wikipedia


1973: Paul Williams

Soulwalking      Bio     RockHistory

Official Homepage      Memorial Site      FanSIte

Temps Site      Another Fan Site


1974: Mama Cass Elliot

Official Web Site      Bio

Cause Of Death?      Bio Channel


1974: Bill Chase

Jazz Bio      Fan Tribute      Fan Site


1974: Duke Ellington

Official Web Site      Jazz Bio      PBS Bio

Wikipedia      Publishers Site


1974:  Ed Sullivan

Wikipedia      Museum Bio


1975: Pete Ham

Fan Site   Wikipedia   Badfinger Fan Site   WebRing


1976: Keith Relf

Urban Legend Death Cause?      KeithRelfdotcom

Genologoy      Yardbirds Site      FanSite      Blog


1976: Freddie King

UniversityTexas Bio      Bio      Wikipedia


1977: Elvis Presley     See Elvis Story


1977:  Lynyrd Skynyrd

Official Web Site      Huge Fan Site

The Curse      Wikipedia History


1978: Keith Moon & Pete Meaden

Rock Page      Memorial Page      Wikipedia

Drum Fan Page     Death Cause Questions    

 Keith on The Who Site       Fan Site


1979: Donnie Hathaway

SoulTracks Bio      Anecdote