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1980: John Bonham

Tribute Page      Led Zep

Wikipedia      Drum Fan Page      Fan Bio


1980: John Lennon    See Story


1981: Bill Haley

Huge Site      Rockabilly      RockHistory

Pix Gallery      HotsDigital Tribute      Wikipedia


1981: Michael Bloomfield

Official Site   Rock   Wickipedia   BluesPower Bio


1981: Harry Chapin

Official Site      Huge Site with Links      Classic Bio

Foundation Site      Fan Site      Food Bank


1982: John Belushi

Fan Tribute    Death & Questions    Murder     Site      Time Archive      Death Investigation      Fan Blog


1983: Dennis Wilson

Big Site      Fan Tribute      Fan Site

Wikipedia      Fan Page


1983: Felix Pappalardi

Website      Bio      Rock Site


1984: Marvin Gaye

History     Wikipedia     Free Press     VH1 Bio


1985: Ricky Nelson

Official Site    HotsDigital    Rockabilly

Liner Notes    Links


1986: Albert Grossman

Bio       Wiki


1986: Desi Arnez

IMDB Bio      Wikipedia      Big Band

TV Museum      Luci-Desi


1987: Dean Martin Jr.

GraveMarker    His Band    Fan Site


1987: Paul Butterfield

Bio      Wiki      Blue Bio      Fan Link


1988: Roy Orbison

Rock HallofFame      Rock History      Fan Tribute

Songs Page     Orbison Site   Songwriters Page


1988: Dave Pratter

Fan Band Site      Rock HallofFame      VH1 Bio      Rock History     Rockabilly            Fan Band Bio


1988: Andy Gibb

Hots Digital      Wiki      Fan Site


1988: Roy Buchannan

Hots Digital Bio      Wikipedia

Blues Bio     Fan Bio     VH1 Page


1989: Steve Rubell

Studio54    Fan Site   DiscoMuseum    Review

54 TimeLine        DiscoFever    Studio History


1990: Stevie Ray Vaughn

Fan Site    Somy Official Site    Wiki

Fansite W/Links    Fan Tribute


1990: Del Shannon

Del Site   RockHistory   Wikipedia   Drug Suicide?


1991: David Ruffin

SoulWalkin   Wikipedia  Fan Page

AngleFire   Fan Site   Temps Info


1991: Bill Graham

Fillmore  Wiki  Rock HallofFame  Foundation


1994: Tommy Boyce

CMT Bio    Boyce Web Site    Rock Page


1994: Kurt Cobain

HotsDigital    So Called Suicide Note

Reopen The Case    What Really Happened?

Court TV    Death of Kurt    Theory    It Was Murder


1995: Philip Kramer

Skeptic    Butterfly Web    Wiki

Yahoo Story    Dumped Corpse


1995: Rory Gallagher

Official Site    Fan Site    FanSite

Fan Web Site    FanWebSite


1996: Arthur Ross

CNN News       Jet Article


1997: Randy California

Randy&Spirit      Fan Tribute

Wikipedia      Fan Blog


1997: Jeff Buckley

JeffB    Fan Tribute    JeffBuckley Is Alive


1997: John Denver

Official Site    Wiki    Hots Digital     Bio

CNN Story    Foundation Page

Interesting Facts    Conspiracy Site

John Denver Was An Alien

Classics    Sony Records Site


1997: Princess Diana    See Story


1997: Colonel Tom Parker

Rockabilly    Wikipedia

Questions    Did He Cheat Elvis?


1998: Sonny Bono,     See Story