China will eventually invade the U.S.A.

First they will take back Taiwan, on the premise that it was originally part of the Chinese motherland.  We will renege on our promise to Taiwan that we will come to their rescue.  It was a promise made to a trading partner in haste before the ramifications of our intervention were thought out.  It will seem to be not worth our intervention because Taiwan is not a strategic element and we could lose in a long drawn out, very costly war.  Plus the powers in Washington at that time, and the general populace will not have the stomach for such a battle.  It could touch off WW3, you know, Armageddon.
Invigorated by our lack of muscle, China will then select their time to march on America.
Why?  What reasoning will they use?
It’s simple.  The same reasoning that they used to take over Taiwan, and maybe even Japan by then:  That we were part of China originally.
What?  What! You say!
Well here you go . . .  China is beginning to lay the groundwork for the future claim that America was discovered by a Chinese explorer Zheng He, well before Christopher Columbus, and that Zheng He colonized America and claimed it for China!

You think that this sounds outrageous?  You think that this sounds like the ravings of a madman?  These stories are just now floating to the surface where they bob around like a turd in the pool.  But as time time goes by and the stories become retold and retold and more credible in people’s gullible simple minds, the Chinese will raise up to claim the America that by then will have become to be accepted as rightfully belonging to China.  WATCH OUT!

Still skeptical?  See the links listed below that will astound your sense of security.

1421 The Year The Chinese Discovered The World