Defining The Site



Throughout this web site, we use terms such as “They”, “Them”, “The Powers”, “Big Brother”, “The Man” as a euphemism for, well, the “Bad Guys”.  That assumes that most of us out here are actually the “Good Guys” or at least we are trying to be.


We believe that the movement to kill Rock & Roll and The Blues as well as many many other conspiracies against the people are their efforts to crush the rebellious behavior and the will for freedom at any cost.


This web site will expose where those freedoms are being systematically destroyed.  FREEDOM is being eradicated for only one reason.  Control.  Control of us. Control of the world.  If they put down our freedoms, if they put down our free will, if they put down our rebellious spirit then they will get their control.

     The New World Order or The One World Government cannot come into existence as long as we have our freedoms.  Therefore our Freedoms must be eliminated before “They” can put their plan in place.  Lately people, some of us have been willing to trade security for freedom.  Have “They” caused the actions (terrorists attacks) that have made us willing do trade our hard won Freedoms for Security?

     Anytime you see someone killing freedom, even in the name of security or peace - be suspicious.


Who is this New World Order and why do they want control?


     They could be described as mostly being a part of the “Illuminati”, “The Tri-Lateral Commission”, “The Bilderbergs” or many of the numerous Secret Cults that include the most powerful and influential people in the world.  Recently they are being referred to as “GLOBALISTS”. This group that controls most of the world’s wealth and economic engines.  Others have done a great job of data basing the List.  See our links page for the List and the History:



The Globalists are determined to rid the world of any of us that can’t be controlled, or that stand in the way of their total domination and our total submission.

     We know that when men come together on a global scale it means that they are up to no good.  The last time it happened, at the Tower of Babel, God scattered them by confusing their language.  He knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men, especially when they gather  together to plot and scheme for control.  To become “gods”.


     An example is The Blues Conspiracy found on this site.  The Blues is/was America’s home grown music.  Emanating from African slaves, it sang about persecution.  It sang about hope.  It sang about freedom.  It was a strengthening force for a down trodden people.  The Blues gave birth to Rock & Roll.  Therefore, Rock & Roll naturally sang about freedom.  But, it was freedom of a different type.  The Freedom that leads to open rebellion.  Not in violence, but a rebellion against tyranny and authority when a people believes that “The Man” has gone too far in his authority.  Sit-ins and demonstrations were a part of the late sixties and very early seventies.  The same kind of rebellion that led to the founding of this great country.  It is how we became who we are.  

Don’t let them steal our Freedom.