Wait a minute here. The enemy is not Guantanamo.  Is it the people that want to close a facility that helps to keep us safe?  An enemy within.

Take a look at the Guantanamo issue.  A certain group of people in this country want to close the prison and set the terrorists that are there free.  Look at those being held in the Guantanamo facility, and in it you will see enemies that want to bring America down.
But some numbskulls  (mostly talking heads but some in Congress that is supposed to represent us) want to turn them loose because they say that terrorists should be treated as well as we ourselves are treated.  What rights protection do the terrorists have?  They are essentially prisoners of war,  A terroristic war.  Constitutional Rights, and the protection of those rights are guaranteed to us under our Constitution.  But guess what?  You have to be an American to have those rights, and to live under those rights.  They do not apply to people outside of our Constitution and Bill Of Rights.  They certainly do not apply to foreigners that are trying to kill us.

Even when we need to be tough on terrorists, as compassionate Americans, we find it hard to be heartless as we are actually tube feeding 26 suspects at Guantanamo that are on a hunger strike.

See Charles Krauthammer’s article.