It’s not always the intentioned that are the Enemy.  Sometimes our “Enemy” is ordinarily well-meaning but just incompetent people in power.  Never the less, they are still causing harm.

The problem in the wake of the Hurricane Katrina was basically one of officials not doing their job.  Not on purpose to hurt people, but by their lack of competence.

We ask these questions & point these fingers:

The New Orleans Mayor - still on the job & still being naive.  Likeable guy.  Just not good in a crisis.

Why did he not push hard enough to evacuate ALL New Orleans?  Was 80% good enough in the face of a Category 5?

Why did he fail to mobilize school and metro buses to aid in the evacuation?  For that matter, vans, cars anything available?

Why were people sent to the Super Dome without providing basic comforts like food & water and especially SECURITY?

People were told to go to the Super Dome and were expected to bring with them enough of their own supplies for 2 or 3 days.   On foot?  Get real.

Why did he put tourists from a hotel on buses in front of the line of evacuees waiting to leave the Super Dome?

The Louisiana Governor - still on the job and still in over her head.  Very unimpressive.

She failed to quickly declare a “State of Emergency” and ask for Federal help.
Most Governors do so BEFORE the storm hits.

She refused assistance from The Red Cross and didn’t initially let them in to help?  
The Red Cross then went elsewhere to aid people.

She acted arrogant to the news media, in the wake of suffering, by arguing with the Mayor and trying to point fingers early on, when, she herself sat on her hands and did nothing.

The FEMA Director in over his head - Fired for not doing his job.

He looks to be the most responsible for totally not getting help to the site in a timely manner and then for allowing FEMA to look totally out of control.    Cmon - you’re the Director.  Take charge.  Get in there.

He failed to organize the efforts when National Guard members were just sitting near Biloxi and waiting for instructions on where to go and what to do.  Don’t bother Director Brown, he’s having dinner - was the response from one of his aides.

Contracts given to buddies.  Such as the Clinton’s Ex-FEMA Director James Lee Witt who help land  $85 million contract for a company that he works for.   Totally out of control - and wasting $Billions$.
Are we really paying Carnival $168 per day ($236 million total) for 3 ships for over 6800 people, + FEMA workers, for six months?  Then what?.  Their justification is that they say that top hotels in New Orleans get $190 a night.

FEMA slowed, stopped or turned away truck loads of relief efforts by insisting on inspecting everything headed into the disaster.  Homeland security is to blame for overseeing FEMA and making everything about terrorism.  400,000 Meals-Ready-To-Eat sent to the area by our British friends were impounded as not fit for the evacuated and homeless people. Come on these are NATO rations.  Good enough for our troops.  Good enough for NATO troops and disaster victims around the world.  We incenerated them.  Are they stupid, foolish or evil?     

Homeland Security Director - still on the job, thinking that by firing some at FEMA, he may be able to keep his.
He even admitted to Fox News during an interview that he saw the video footage of the devastation from the television reports, yet chose to believe some on his staff that told him it wasn’t as bad as it looked and we should wait to go in.

And finally, we ask one last question.  Who put FEMA under Homeland Security, thereby tying the hands of a group that by definition must act quickly and think fast on their feet, without all of the interference of red tape BS?  Typical of a bloated government.

And one final lesson learned.  IT IS IMPORTANT TO ELECT LEADERS AND MANAGERS.  Not politicians and lawyers, to offices higher than dog catcher.

Or . . .  Did the movers and shakers of New Orleans get exactly what they had hoped and planned for?  SEE THE KATRINA CONSPIRACY Page Two.