Was the elimination of a major section of New Orleans part of a grand scheme?

A scheme that would finally rid the city of it’s reputation as a slum-driven crime-battered municipality?

Interesting that 80% of the people got out of a city but the problem 20% did mot.  That 80/20 rule always works doesn’t it?

The 80/20 rule states that everything and every group can be sub-divided into two groups.  One sub-group contains 80% of the whole, and the other has 20% of the total.  Doesn’t matter what it is that you are talking about.  
Examples:  20% of all actors get 80% of the movie roles.  Or - 20% of your inventory comprises 80% of your sales.  Or - maybe even that 20% of your city is 80% of your problem.
Eliminate that 20% and your problem is solved.

Was the issue really incompetence, or was it design?  Were the Mayor and the Governor told to sit on their hands and let the situation fester?  Let people die?  But wait -  that was after the hurricane hit.  Was the underhanded scheme in play well before the day of Katrina?

Were the levies allowed to deteriorate for years without repair in order to create exactly what we saw happen to them?  Was the money pumped into New Orleans for levee repair squandered on purpose by greedy politicians?  Or was it miss- directed by some evil force that was setting up the city for failure well in advance?  Knowing that the day would eventually come?

By allowing a situation that would flood the lower part of New Orleans, they knew that, if they shut down the pumps, the water would just sit there.  And the whole area would become a stagnant cesspool of toxic mold and rot that the EPA would never allow them to inhabit again.

Problem solved.

Do you have too many people on welfare in your city?  Problem solved.

Do you have a crime problem?  Particularly in one part of your city?  Problem solved.

Do you need to eliminate part of of your slum area to raise property values?  Yet do it and not take the blame for it?  Problem solved.  

Could you increase the valuable tourist trade in your city if crime went down?  If the slums didn’t exist?  If the ethnic percentages changed?  If you no longer had the reputation as the worst crime area in the country?  Problem solved.

Could you be Mayor of the Century (or Governor of the Century) if there were a way to force all the criminals out of your city because their homes were destroyed?  Because their prey had moved out?  Because the problem 20% were forced to move out of the city?

Maybe we can eliminate that 20% by scattering them all across the United States.  Let’s send them to Houston.  Memphis.  Dallas.  Nashville.  Atlanta.   Let those cities pick up the tab for the bottom 20% for a while and we can zoom past ‘em all.  Sure it may take a few years, but everything we rebuild will be brand spanking new and first class because the Federal Government is going to pour a lot of money into us out of pity.

Which brings us to who.  Who could have been cleaver enough to engineer this scenario?  Certainly not the Mayor.  Nor the Governor.  Not that sharp.  Besides they are just puppets.  So who?  Well, follow the money.  Let’s see who will finally end up benefiting the most from this disaster.  Will it be the Gambling Establishment or Hotel Owners, as New Orleans will try to position itself as the next Vegas?  Will it be the developers that rebuild massive new commercial structures on almost-free land?  Will it be the local politicians that will have their hand out, as they hand out those valued contracts?

We’ll soon see, if we follow the money trail.

Or perhaps even more fiendish, was the entire disaster allowed to get as bad as it did in order to further the cause for Martial Law in this country?  New Orleans will not be the last city destroyed.

We saw after the fact that Governors now are quick to OK the use of our Military in times of local distress and disaster.  This sets a very dangerous precedent.

Once we open that door to allow the Military to take charge of our streets we have now become just like many of those third world countries that we watch on TV, where we see Governments rounding up the citizens and imprisoning them.

And what will those reasons be, for forcing detention?  Maybe even death?  Will it be criminal behavior?  Will it be Religious beliefs?

Are the Globalists beginning the reduction of the population that they are after?

Welcome to the New World Order and the rest of your life as we will now experience it.
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