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September 29, 2002
Section: NEWS
Edition: West Virginia
Page: 12
Column: Haywood Brown
Pig Kills Motorist in Beckley
Haywood Brown
PIG KILLS MOTORIST in Beckley, West Virginia on September 29, 2002.
Driving up a steep, narrow mountain road last Sunday, Darlene Towne passed a very large pig lying in the road.  A few feet further up the hill, she passed Steve Eades driving down the hill in the opposite direction. As they were passing, Darlene claims that she leaned out of her window and yelled, “pig” as a warning to Mr. Eades, who was driving down the hill at an accelerated speed.  Mr. Eades immediately shouted back out of his window, and yelled “Bitch!” at Darlene.
As Mr. Eades rounded the next curve he crashed into the huge pig that was  in the road.  
The pig belonged to Dave Reed  of McKinyon, WV. and was his prize-winning Blue Ribbon  pig from the 2001 West Virginia State Fair, weighing in at over 450 lbs. at that time.  In the interim period, Dave said that “Ned had gained quite a bit of weight, and therefore he not only took up most of the road, he was also a deadly hazard”.  Mr. Reed did not know why or how his pig had managed to escape the pen area and end up in the roadway.
Both the pig and Mr. Eades were pronounced dead at the scene.