Rock & Roll.  The Anthem for a generation is dead.  Soul Music is dead.  Rhythm & Blues are dead.   The Blues are being attacked.

All that will be left - and what they are pushing on us -  is Crap Rap and techno.


Rap uses beat and drum boxes.  Not real band members like rock & soul did.  There is not heart and soul in the music - if you want to call it that.


They don’t fear Country Music because they think it is all about drinking and fighting.  If they discover that Country Music could be the new Rock & Roll, they will go after it next.  Up to this point, Country Music has not inspired mass riots, sit-Ins, protests and rebellion as did Rock & Roll.  Nor the passion that comes from The Blues.


The New World Order  is dawning.


Are you standing idly by and watching them slowly take over your life?


If yes, then you are a goner.  If no, then lets do something about it.  Not everyone sees it coming.  

We will know the time if we have our eyes open.  But if we are asleep or in the dark then we will not see it coming.

 (1 Thessalonians 5:3-5)

Remember when MTV first aired?  All they had were Rock & Roll videos.  MTV was even called on the carpet for their lack of Black music.  Then for their lack of Rap music.  The “Man” didn’t care what music they played, just as long as in the end, it was not Rock & Roll, Soul or Blues.


Today you can’t find Rock on MTV at all.


Have they accomplished their goal?


Rock & Roll scared the daylights out of the Powers That Be.  When Woodstock happened, they knew that they had a force that could not be contained or controlled.  Cars lined up, parked and abandoned for miles.  400,000 Rock & Roll gate crashers in one place, doing what they wanted - which was basically ignoring authority.  

This country was founded on rebellion.  Against unrepresentative taxation.  Against Religious persecution.  This country was founded to be free.  Freedom of representation of government and taxation.  Freedom of Religious choice.  Freedom to be what you want to be.  Freedom to go where you want to go.  Freedom to own property and live where you want to live.  Freedom of the People and Freedom for the People.

Clint Eastwood said “You have to ask yourself.  Do I feel lucky?”  Well if you live in the most free country in the world you do feel lucky!

Beware The New World Order.  It will steal your freedom.  America will look like the rest of the world.  New World Order means One World Government.  And that won’t be the Government that we have here.  It certainly won’t be the Freedom that we have here and now.

Remember they killed Rock.  They are killing the Blues.  You and your Freedom are next.