They Said.
Long Live Rock.

Woodstock was the breaking point for Rock & Roll.  From that time forward, Rock would be doomed.  They realized that they had a force on their hands that they could not allow to get any bigger.

Case in point:  They expected about 60,000 people at Woodstock.  They got 400,000.  Plus there were about 250,000 additional that never made it there due to the traffic jams.  They could have had over 650,000 show up.  More than 10 times the estimate.  The Feds were in shock.


The 98 miles from NY City to Bethel took over 8 hours.  Then it was 50 miles to Woodstock and forever to get there.  Some never did.  Cars parked for miles.  The walk back to your car averaged over 15 miles.


And despite what they say about the event.  What the powers want you to think, there were only a little over 100 people arrested on drug charges.  And only one person died from an overdose.  Out of 400,000 “hippies”.  And don’t forget that there over 300 New York City Policemen there + 100 Local Sheriffs + several hundred New York State Troopers and Deputies from 12 counties.


Yes, it was obvious to them then, that this thing was much bigger than they had figured on.  It had to be stopped.  4 months later at Altamont Springs, they saw to it that the shine would be off Rock.  It took them some time, but they finally got it done.  Sort of.